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3 Methods for Employees to Prevent Back Pain

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016

3 Methods for Employees to Prevent Back Pain

The undeniable truth about building one’s career is that in order to take it to the next level, it is often necessary to work over time and take on an extra work load. Truly, the race to being promoted is getting more competitive than ever. Nonetheless, the obvious equation that exists is that the more time one works in the office, the more time is spent in a sedentary position – which can be harmful to ones back.

This can be testified by a number of employees undergoing the most common pain of all the working class – back pain.


Back pain and career drive has been strongly tied together because many in-office jobs require their employees to sit down in their desks most of the time to focus on the work at hand. For this reason, employees should be aware of the things that might just save them from the aftershock of their daily grind. Here are three tips on how back pain can be relieved for those desk-bound employees.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Sitting all day in a desk makes the bones settle and become less immobile. Not moving creates stress, which could possibly lead to injury, as it can affect the way the body provides oxygen to the rest of the body. All of these can be combated by doing one simple exercise – stretching.

The wonders of stretching in a regular exercise program are strongly emphasized by many sports scientists, as it prepares the body for rigorous activities and assists with blood flow. However, doing it in the office has its own benefits too.

The usual stretching exercises at work can save anyone from extreme back pain later. This is because stretching can help improve flexibility. Better flexibility may then improve one’s performance in their regular physical activities and decrease the risk of injuries by helping the joints move through their full range of motion. It also enables one’s muscles to work more effectively. Furthermore, back and hip stretches allows for the spine to relax, making it more flexible, and negating the accumulated stress that can induce pain.

Practice Good Posture

The number one factor that induces chronic pain is a person’s posture. Posture dictates how a person’s body positions itself upright while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture is one of the most important game changers in lessening the chances of back pain.


Technically speaking, good posture involves the training of a person’s body to sit, stand, walk and lie down in the best upright position. Its range of benefit is totally dependent on how a person regularly trains his or her body to keep that healthy stance.

Posture can be practiced in the simplest of things like picking up things on the floor or sitting on a backless stool. Training the body to independently sustain a good posture can help decrease the rate of having back pain. Furthermore, the spine becomes more relaxed and does not undergo various stresses from unbalanced or torqued posture.

Exercise and Diet

Above everything else, it is important to engage in regular exercise and sustain a healthy diet. These two constant factors for overall health should be a habit for many employees mainly because it dictates how his or her body will react to the stresses that come from getting and keeping their supposed dream job.

Regular jogging is one of the simplest ways to beat back pain. This is because jogging is an all-around exercise that puts the muscles and bones into motion. In turn, it boosts the body’s endurance and strength.


On the other hand, a proper eating regimen to beat back pain includes calcium-rich food, paired together with a lot of vegetables to avoid inflammation. Also, avoiding processed food, fast food and saturated fat can help in preventing inflammation which these foods fuel.

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