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Our Story


Our team is full of unique individuals, but we all have one thing in common – we are absolutely crazy about about all things health!


Team Members




Kimberly Robinson, Owner and Writer.


Hey guys! I’m Kimberly Robinson. I’m a certified chiropractor and I absolutely love what I do. My passion for health & wellness doesn’t stop there, however.  I learned early in life that I am, and hopefully always will be, completely obssessed with maximizing my health, fitness, nutrition, and more (you get the point!)

Through this site, I hope to continually share what I know and what I’ve learned.

To your health,





Caleb Tully, Certified Health Nut and Head Writer


When he’s not backpacking in the wilderness, tearing it up in the gym, working at his job as a professional trainer, or any number of other things, Caleb lends us his talents as a writer and specializes in articles on exercise and healthy eating.





Esmerelda “Ezzie” Johnson, Teacher of Many Things


Ezzie teaches. Yoga, elementary school, writing, and more – Ezzie loves to help others achieve her goals. Which is probably why her favorite thing to write about is getting the most out of life – both professional and personally. We’re glad to have her on the team!




Kyle Knox, The Best Intern on the Planet



Don’t let his rather serious picture fool you, Kyle is our ever-present comic relief and BackHealthUSA would be a much less exciting place to work if not for him. Currently studying food science in college, Kyle loves to write articles about food – and, more importantly, he loves to make us his creations! You’re our hero, Kyle.

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