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The Essential Power of Nature – Argan Oil

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016

The Essential Power of Nature – Argan Oil

The Essential Power of Nature – Argan Oil

Mother Nature is the source of all things beautiful, strong and nurturing in the world. She has the ability to bring out the natural beauty in people and all other creations. It’s about time her secrets, such as the power of argan oil, are revealed to let her children bring out their beauty for the world see.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the sweet-smelling and highly volatile essences or extracts that are found within the plant’s cellular structures. The oils are usually produced by processing the different parts of plants like the fruits, leaves, barks and even the roots. Extremely concentrated, these essential oils carry the same properties as their origin.

In turn, the oils provide the same healthy benefits that can be found from the plant it was taken from. Combining its healthy benefits, high concentration, and the difficulty in producing a substantial amount, essential oils are highly priced and valued.

In this discussion, argan oil is set for the limelight.

the essential power of nature, argan oil

Argan oil is the essential oil extracted from the kernels of argan nut, which come from argan trees. Usually eaten by domesticated animals that are native in the region, these nuts can only be found in Morocco. Mostly processed by Moroccan women, argan oil has led to the formation of various cooperatives that provide jobs to these women.

For many years, the Moroccan women have been doing the oil extraction process since their childhood. The process has been passed down from generation to generation. Up until now, the oils are still extracted using the traditional method and equipment (argan nut grinder) by crushing the argan nuts to bring out its precious oils.

With its earthy scent, argan oil is an integral part of the natural beauty regimen of Moroccan women. Its beauty-enhancing property is the source of power of this natural fountain of youth, bringing out the radiant glow and youthful, silky feel on the skin. When the modern world learned of the high value of the oil, the knowledge of its beautifying properties spread like wildfire across countries.

Aptly coined as the “liquid gold” of Morocco, argan oil has been part of the “beauty kit” of different cultures then and now. For centuries, this powerful elixir helps rejuvenate the hair, skin and nails. With the unending beauty and cosmetic revolution, this precious solution has reached the mainstream of beauty treatments and products, especially in moisturizing creams, age-defying serums, and anti-wrinkle salves.

Argan oil is definitely an olden source of miracle that found its way into the 21st century. Find out why Moroccan women consider this as the ultimate substance that could restore the beauty and luster of their youth.

Supple Skin and a Vibrant Glow

The skin is one of the most beaten up parts of the body. Everyday dirt and grime make its way to practically every pore of the body. With all the harsh realities of life, the skin deserves every nutrient it can get. It needs to rest. It needs to breathe. If only the best air purifier in the world can make it feel just a little bit better.

Argan oil is the perfect aide to rescue the skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, it is one of the most commonly used ingredients in top-of-the-line skin moisturizers. It hydrates and softens the skin, leaving a silky finish and natural scent.

caucasian woman calmly touching her clean, clear face after applying argan oil

In spite of it being an essential oil, argan oil also helps balance the skin to prevent excessive oil production which can result to acne and other unsightly skin conditions. It also regulates oily skin and helps shrink pores. Furthermore, it soothes the skin and promotes the healing of the affected skin cells to restore its even tone and smoothness.

In treating damaged skin, argan oil has restorative properties that can address various skin conditions.  Applying the oil helps reduce skin irritation and redness, especially in the treatment of acne, blemishes, eczema, skin asthma, and psoriasis.

Strong Hair and a Positive Aura

The crowning glory of every woman deserves the care and protection of nature. Argan oil sets the bar high as it acts as the perfect leave-in conditioner! It makes hair easier to style and manage while repairing split ends and taming frizzy and flyaway hairs. It can even help prevent damage from excessive hair styling.

a brunette-haired woman confidently holding her long, strong, argan-oiled hair

The essential oil moisturizes the hair to promote a shinier, smoother and frizz-free finish. It also nourishes, strengthens and protects the hair from roots to tips. A great skin moisturizer and revitalizer, argan oil also promotes the growth of new hair by stimulating the skin and the hair follicle to produce healthier strands onset of hair reproduction.

Ageless Beauty

Aside from being an effective moisturizer, argan oil is a great ingredient in anti-aging salves in the market. Its antioxidants greatly reduce the effects of skin aging. It also restores the elasticity of your skin as it leaves it softer, tighter and more radiant.

a young woman's succession of aging, shown in three forms from youthfulness to seniority. Argan oil has great benefits on the skin.

Moroccan women who work daily in the production facilities of argan oil have the most exquisite skin. Exposed daily in the nourishing substance, the women have skin so moisturized and so elastic that their appearance hides their age. It seems like a miracle how the oil prevents stretch marks, wrinkles, and fine lines by maintain the skin’s elasticity. In addition, scars and keloids can become less noticeable.

Healthy Protection and a Peaceful Mind

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants that give a subtle but powerful healing touch in every drop. These antioxidants are generally the vital elements in healing brittle nails, damaged hair, and irritated skin. It is also the perfect solution in preventing dry and cracked skin.

The power of argan oil goes beyond its topical effects. It goes deeper in the skin as it restores and rejuvenates the inner layer of the skin from the damaging effects of pollution, sun exposure, oxidation, tobacco, stress and other environmental factors. Furthermore, it has a healing effect on joints as it alleviates rheumatism and arthritis pain.

Argan oil’s benefits have opened a lot of doors towards the enhancement of natural beauty. It has been a popular option for people in different walks of life. From actors and models to beauty-conscious professionals and medical practitioners, this liquid gold caters to people who have high regard for their skin.

If nature produces a precious substance such as argan oil, anyone can be beautiful the way they wanted to be. The way nature intended for them to be.

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Listening to Nature – 4 Health Tips From the Elements to Your Home

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016

Listening to Nature – 4 Health Tips From the Elements to Your Home

Listening to Nature – 4 Health Tips From the Elements to Your Home

Nature provides everything man needs. From food to shelter, she never misses to help man when he needs her most. If it seems like Mother Nature is not doing her job of taking care of her children, it is most definitely because man is not taking care of himself.

More often than not, man is harming Mother Nature.

Nonetheless, everything about nature is speaking of better health and better life. The endless supply of food. The unending movement of earth’s fauna and flora. Even nature’s elements that keep the world moving.

It’s about time that man takes the time to stop and listen to nature. Through these simple tips, we help you learn how to create a better life for yourself and the Earth you live on – As nature intended.

The Green Earth Says, “Eat Well.”

This goes hand-in-hand with the saying, “You are what you eat.”

we are what we eat

When the body sends hunger signals to the brain, your system is set to find the next nourishing meal for the day. However, people tend to sit at the wrong of the table….

Experts, gurus, and health practitioners say that one of the most important things to do to achieve the best health possible is to eat well. They advise us to consume nutritious foods such as luscious greens, and ripe fruits, all while avoiding junk food and overeating.

While this advice is useful, it takes an extreme amount of willpower and enough discipline to truly keep junk foods at bay.

As the millennials would say, “the struggle is real,” and to give credit where credit is due; they’re absolutely right. Junk foods provide an unmatched experience to our senses by providing the brightest colors and flavors, the softest chew, and the most satisfying crunch. We crave junk food and therefore neglect the types of foods that should go in our bodies. This is truly where society beats nature’s call.

Fortunately, nature will always remind people that food should be grown and consumed organically. Food that is grown, harvested, and prepared as lightly as possible will give the most nutritional value to the consumer, and thus, your health returns.

Next time you need to go food shopping, seek out your local farmer’s market. They usually have an impressively wide array of fresh, whole foods to choose from (and locally sourced meats and cheeses). Another option – if you have the space, is to grow fresh ingredients at home. Not everyone can have an in-house farm, but having a small pot in the kitchen for fresh herbs is a great start!

The Red Fire Says, “Know Yourself.”

Who am I?

fire soul

This is one of the hardest questions to answer. For some reason, it holds so much challenge to truly know yourself. Life is so extensively complex that answering this question takes years.

However, as nature as always allows, each and every one of us is equipped with the tools to make this question possible to answer. In achieving greater health, knowing yourself is a fiery force that is innate in all living creatures. It is normal for humans to want to harness this energy so they can live better.

Since the beginning of time, humans have learned to connect life with nature. Being wary of the body’s needs is an natural instinct that has evolved through the years. Similar to the need of humans to eat, being able to understand pains, sounds, and movements is a powerful mechanism to develop in people. It serves as an alarm system that says what, when, and why something in us needs to be checked, evaluated, and worked on.

Consistent check-ups with physicians, dentists, dietitians, and other health experts can mean the difference between life and death. What needs to be emphasized is the ability to consciously know what one’s body and mind are saying. Since not all pains are obvious, experts should be part of the picture. However, due to economic troubles some people just shrug it off and leave the body unchecked and hurting.

The same is true from any physical activities. It is important to always listen to how the body reacts to every activity. If a body part is burning up, it is undergoing a form of damage. Whether it is a “healthy” one (i.e. muscle tearing up in bodybuilding) or not (i.e. sprain, fracture and other physical injury), it is integral to overall health to find a way to balance tolerance and the need for a healing aid.

Yellow Wind says breath well

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

doing yoga

There is a difference between existing and living. Existing is a process of going through life mechanically. Living is a process of going through life by giving meaning to it. There are thousands of ways to differentiate the two. The key point in the endless definition debate is the value of each breath.


There is more to breathing than just traveling air.


There are two types of breathing. The first one is the mechanical breathing. It is the voluntary action people do everyday as part of living. It is natural. It is a crucial part of the physiology that one does not have to think about it. There is nothing to it than just making sure that the air is clean, has passed through the best air purifier for allergies, and exits with no harm done in the process..


On the other hand, deep breathing is a way to restart the body and be in touch with the rest of the world. This is evident during tumultuous times. Deep breathing connects the individual to a higher being to allow a healthier mindset during crucial moments in one’s life. It may sound too grandiose, but everyone has done this at one point in their lives – during an argument, a high-pressure incident, a romantic encounter or a grand milestone.


Every breath is a connection to man’s inner being. It creates balance between conscious and the subconscious. Finding this balance creates a state where anything is possible. This state is the optimum time to create a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Blue Water says drink more

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.


Dr. Kevin R. Stone is right on the money as he emphasizes the importance of drinking water. A lot of people take this healthy habit for granted. The importance of drinking water everyday can not be overstated enough. It’s just one one of nature’s blessings that can replenish the body unlike any other substance in the world.


Some say there are better water substitutes. In limited situations, this could be true. However, constantly keeping the body dehydrated (from water) is one of the unhealthiest things to do to the body. Some of the reader would find this unnecessarily redundant. The fact of the matter is that there is a great number of people who prefer to drink soda, coffee, juice, or even alcoholic beverages more than the root of all other liquids – water.


In this aspect, man should see to it that water runs in the body well enough to revitalize, heal, strengthen and improve the quality of his life. Setting this habit  will definitely bring about better health.


Let nature in and refresh the body. Listen to her words and be connected to the rest of the natural world. Find the time to be one with nature.
It is worth it.

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Diabetes – A Brief Overview

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016

Diabetes – A Brief Overview

The harmful effects of diabetes can have a serious impact on someone’s health in later life. Diabetes is a complicated metabolic health problem that can cause damage to your body systems and organs when your blood sugar levels rise to well above normal. This increase in blood sugar can be caused by two different types of diabetes. With type-1 diabetes, the pancreas actually shuts down and can’t produce the insulin needed to maintain a good blood sugar level. With type-2, the insulin is still produced, but your body becomes resistant to it and can no longer use it.

diabetes-type2It usually takes years for the harmful effects of diabetes to kick in and even then, some things can be the result of the natural aging process. The sad thing is that the effects of diabetes, such as kidney damage, heart problems and stroke, usually happen when age is causing a decline in your eyesight, memory, hearing and energy levels. These declines are often the result of poor lifestyle choices.

Diabetes will also cause problems with eyesight, the heart, kidneys and peripheral vascular disease. The end result can be quite devastating, with someone being quite debilitated during the later stages of their life. Is there any more encouraging news in all of this? Maybe there is.

skin-healthy-food-650x650These distressing conditions can be delayed if you make some lifestyle changes and choices that will improve your health. But these changes will probably need you to look closely at the way you live, eat and enjoy a social life. In any case, if you are suffering from diabetes, you may need to do a lot of soul searching because of the lifestyle changes you will be forced to make as well as the uncertain future you are facing.
Symptoms can come on so subtly that many people will ignore them and not bother going for a check-up for weeks or months. Don’t do this! Researchers are finding that the earlier a diagnosis is made then the longer the harmful effects of diabetes can be delayed. The symptoms are caused by high blood glucose or sugar levels which affect the way the kidneys filter urine.
The extra levels of glucose in the blood will, over time, cause considerable damage to the eyes and retina, eventually leading to blindness. The heart muscle can also become damaged, potentially leading to heart disease, stroke and an increased risk of heart attack. The damage that is done to the veins and arteries in your heart will also lead to damage in those in your hands and feet: especially your feet.
This is known as the peripheral vascular system and feeds your hands and feet with oxygen and nutrients. An increase in blood sugar will have a bad effect on this vascular system and allow the build-up of fluid in these extremities. This can lead to swelling, sores and in a worst case scenario, amputation due to gangrene. This building up of fluid affects the cellular structure of the feet which increases the risk of infection and the body then has less of a chance to repair itself.

Another of the harmful effects of diabetes is that the increase in blood sugar increases the amount of work the kidneys have to do. this takes a heavy toll over the years. The kidneys will attempt to filter out this extra glucose but to do this they need to extract more water from the blood which leads to dehydration. This will make you more thirsty and make you pee more frequently. Without control, this increased workload will eventually lead to kidney failure. The increased strain on the veins in the kidneys will also contribute towards this.

The harmful effects of diabetes can be potentially devastating in the long term. Diabetes sufferers can face an uncertain future with the possibility of losing a leg, kidney dialysis, stroke or heart attack. But on a brighter note, with care, proper lifestyle changes and following the advice of an endocrinologist, you should be able to delay these effects quite a bit and maybe even get rid of them altogether.

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