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10 Weird Health Tips for Men

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

10 Weird Health Tips for Men

Health is Wealth.

This saying might just be the single most used (worn-out) health-related quotation on earth. And for good reasons.

People have heard thousands of health one-liners that they are now well-embedded in the minds of people around the world. This includes simple health tips like “if you want to build more muscle, go hit the gym at least three times a week and have a protein-rich diet,” or “to have more energy through the day, get enough sleep at night.”

However, there are some other, arguably “weird”, tips that you may have never heard of.

You may scratch your head or raise an eyebrow after reading some of these facts, but you may want to consider that some oft-repeated tips to stay healthy can actually be really absurd and counter intuitive. After all, the below “weird” tips are actually scientifically proven to make a more fit and healthy person out of you.

Drink Coffee Before a Power Nap


According to a research study in Japan, drinking coffee before taking a nap could help you to perform better as you wake up. The study’s result shows that people who had consumed 200 milligrams of caffeine and then immediately went for short nap felt more focused and alert afterwards versus those who just took a nap.

This is because after drinking coffee, the caffeine  kicks in after 20 minutes and clears the brain of adenosine molecules. This maximizes alertness and focus since high levels of adenosine causes fatigue.


Use the first urinal in the comfort room

urinalSurprisingly, the first urinal in a restroom – the one closet to the door – is most likely to be cleanest among all the urinals in the room. In a study, experts examined 51 public toilets and found out that urinals near the door are constantly the ones that have the lowest bacteria levels.

The first stall is probably the least used since it is near the door and most people want a bit of privacy when doing their business in the comfort room. Just a reminder though – when you’re done, stand away from the urinal before flushing. Doctors warn that flushing causes a fine mist of water to spray up which may contain harmful bacteria.


Don’t Blame Yourself for Losing Your Keys


There is a significant difference between how young people and older people interpret losing their car keys, according to research. A young person usually accuses someone else of taking the keys, while older people tend to blame their old age for being so forgetful.

Experts say that you should not use your age as an excuse for your failures – like not remembering where you put your car keys. It is actually an effective mental trick to stay mentally younger.


Do Not Use Antibacterial Soaps


According to the American Medical Association, using an antibacterial soap may not really be helpful. In fact, it could actually make you MORE prone to germs. Almost 50 percent of the soaps in the United States contain antimicrobial agents; AMA states that there is no definite scientific proof that these soaps are better at killing germs than regular ones.

On the contrary, they warned antibacterial soap users that it may be more harmful than it is beneficial. Most antibacterial agents cause dry skin, and having dry and flaky skin can cause skin irritations that could later on become wounds that can serve as a gateway for germs to enter the body.


Do Not Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Eating


For healthier teeth, experts say that after eating, you should wait for 30 minutes to an hour before brushing your teeth, especially if you ate something acidic.

Food and drinks that contain large amount of acid like citrus fruits, tomatoes, sports drinks, coffee, and soda can soften tooth enamel. That is why brushing your teeth after consuming acidic food allows the acid’s effect to speed up and can damage the enamel of your teeth and erode the layer below it.


To Fit In a Smaller Shirt, You Have to Gain Muscle


You heard it right – it’s about muscle mass, not fat. A 170-pound man who lifts weights (and thus is more muscular) is more likely to fit in a smaller shirt than a 170-pound man who does not exercise at all. Similarly, a 170-pound muscular man could wear the same size as a slightly lighter man who is physically inactive.

This is because the man who exercises gains more muscle mass, while the one who does not work out gains mostly fat, in spite of their similar weight. Muscle takes up lesser space in the body since it is more compact and denser than fat, so the muscular man ends up being thinner despite being the same weight.

Expose Your Body to Extremely Cold Temperatures


You read that right: if you want to increase your immunity against diseases and have a happier disposition in life, you may want to try the Wim Hof method. This technique is a rather odd mental and physiological training that incorporates breathing, meditation, and cold exposure. The theory behind the Wim Hof Method is that as the average human goes about their day-to-day lives, they are simply not exposing their bodies to particularly stressful environments, and the physiology of their body ends up reflecting that. Exposing your body to more controlled stressors allows the body to withstand and adapt to that stress.

According to a Wim Hof Method review, the author has become more powerful after doing the breathing exercises daily.  Since trying out the unique method, he has noticed subtle but significant physiological improvements in his everyday life.

Flush Your Enemies


Just for clarification – it’s not real people that need to be flushed – it’s their names. There is a psychological trigger that induces a sense of satisfaction and relief from stress when people flush a toilet, especially with its rather triumphant flushing sound.

To make it extra stress relieving, bring a pencil or a pen every time you enter the comfort room. While doing your business, write on small strips of flushable toilet paper the names of the people who have stressed you out lately. Include anyone who has been causing you negative vibes, and has caused misery in your life. After you’re done, crumple the paper strips and throw it in the psychological pit (together with everything else). You then flush the toilet with your newly-heightened feelings. You would be surprised how relieved you will feel after doing this simple but powerful gesture.

Eat More to eat Less


Eating a low-calorie snack of bread or cookies to stave off your hunger may seem rewarding for someone that watches their calorie intake, however, diet experts say that doing that is actually more likely to make you crave more food than if you eat a larger meal. This is because eating in small portions of carbohydrates causes a spike in your blood sugar levels, which causes you to want to eat more.

Instead of eating low-calorie carbs, dietitians suggest that you replace it with high protein foods such as peanut butter or cheese with a serving of fruits. Although these are higher in calories, protein and fat makes you become full faster and stay full longer.

Exercise When Tired


After a stressful and exhausting day at work, most of us prefer to just sleep than to work out. However, researchers have proven that doing physical activities when feeling fatigued and tired can in fact give you more energy. In a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the feeling of fatigue along with bad mood and depression improved after a single 30-minute moderate intensity exercise session.

This is because exercising helps you to regulate your breathing pace, allowing more oxygen to be distributed to all the organs of the body. Doing so allows you to work more efficiently as it improves your body’s endurance.

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3 Perfect Nutrient Plans for your Muscle Building

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016

The importance of staying healthy and fit is constantly reiterated by many health experts all across the world. On the path of being physically fit, the main pre-requisites reiterated are always diet and exercise. Many people often have the notion that when you constantly exercise, then you are already fit and healthy. That, in fact, is wrong.


Health enthusiasts and doctors alike make it a point to say to their patients and clients that having a balanced diet is equally as important as exercise. In fact, it is proven that 80% of body building is done in the kitchen. That implies a lot about how your diet actually impacts the end result of any health regimen.

Everyone’s bodies are different, and often individuals require a different amount and type of nutrients. This depends on age, gender, illness and the rate at which your body works. This trend is similar if you want to develop a certain body part such as arms, legs and chest, as every person has a different preference on which body part to build.

For those whose goal is to buff up, keep your eyes on the prize and learn more about nutrition in developing those bods. Eat right and feel right. Here are three nutritional plans for your muscle building needs.

ARMED with the right diet: Biceps and Triceps

Anyone who knows the basics of anatomy would tell you that there are many other muscles in your arm besides the biceps and the triceps. Your gym trainer would tell you that improving those parts will likely lead to strengthening the others. Your trainer is right. By doing arm muscle exercises you are able to improve the muscles specific to that area. This includes using dumbbells, push ups, chair dips and many other exercises. What is equally important is the perfect diet that comes with it.


In order to get bigger arms, you must eat foods that promote muscle growth. If you do not eat a good muscle building diet, you are limiting the results you can get from training, according to Muscle and Strength, an authority in bodybuilding. Focusing on adding more protein, complex carbohydrates and calories to your diet can help you meet your size goals.

Protein is important in nutrition mainly due to its benefits in aiding recovery of the muscles after exercise. This ultimately means that when you intake foods high in protein, you are healing your muscles for you to work them out during the next session. It is advised to eat protein in every meal and to aim for at least 30 grams of protein per meal with a basic diet plan. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that eating at least 1.4 to 1.8 grams of protein found in meats, fish, dairy products, eggs and beans daily per pound of body weight can definitely help in the process of building your arms.


The best way to get your daily dose of protein is by eating organic beef. It contains lots of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is basically healthy fat that helps you burn unhealthy fat. Aside from that, many studies show how CLA also helps you gain muscle mass. According to a study on a group of men who took only 5g of CLA per day gained more muscle over 7 weeks than men who did not take CLA.

Similarly, wheat germ is a viable option for adding that much needed protein to your diet. It is high in octacosanol, and if you eat wheat germ about 30-to-60 minutes before your muscle building workout, the octacosanol in wheat germ helps to increase your muscle strength and endurance during your workout. This high-carb food source also has lots of protein in it.

On another note, preferring brown rice over white rice can have huge benefits in arm muscle building. It is high in GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and GABA can increase your growth hormone levels by up to 400%.

Eating Healthy, CHEST out: Pectorals

The most popular exercises to add strength to the pectorals (the muscle in the chest) include bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell flys, cable crossover, and the push-up. In fact, there are a huge variety of chest exercises you can do to make your chest lean, cut and stand out. However, what comes before a solid cut chest is a solid cut diet.

If you want a bigger and stronger chest, you need to eat more. Most active men need 15-to-17 calories per pound of body weight for maintenance. To build one pound of muscle mass per week, you would want to add 3,500 total calories into your weekly diet. The simplest thing to do is just take note of the food you eat in a calorie counter.

If you want to go about packing on those calories in a greener way, then you may want to check out the best green superfood drinks here. This intelligent mix of vegetables, fruits and herbs provides protein, antioxidants and enzymes to help boost muscle growth.

Salmon can also build chest muscle because it is calorie-dense, with 233 calories in a 4-ounce fillet. This is beneficial because you need to eat a surplus of calories to gain muscle mass. Additionally, salmon is high in protein, the nutrient your body uses for muscle repair and growth, with 25 grams per 4-ounce serving. Furthermore, salmon is high in fat, with 14 grams — less than 3 grams of which is saturated fat.


Another beneficial food choice for bulking up your upper chest is eggs. Like salmon, eggs are rich in both protein and fat. A large egg contains 72 calories, with 4.8 grams of fat and 6.3 grams of protein. Additionally, eggs are a good source of vitamin D. In “Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Testosterone Levels in Men,” it is indicated that higher intake of vitamin D promotes an increase in testosterone levels, which eventually promotes muscle growth.

Eating, Kicking, Living: Quadriceps and Hamstrings

Leg muscles are arguably one of the hardest muscle groups to build since it is, obviously, your primary mode for mobility. You tend to lose muscle mass and instead have the muscle that is there become stronger and more lean. Plus, aesthetically speaking, most bodybuilders put off working on them as they are usually hidden, and they lack the same visual impact as other muscle groups. In spite of these factors, they still come with their own set of challenges just like every other muscle group.

And yes, diet still plays a huge in toning those quads.

According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, protein is essential and should be supplied in every meal (around 1.5 to 2.0g/kg of body weight is ideal). Carbohydrates should remain the predominant macronutrient; complex carbs are preferred over simple carbs but both are needed. Fat should be used in moderation, totaling about 30 percent of your overall diet. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats should make up most of the fat allotment. In order for the body to build muscle, athletes also must exceed their caloric requirements by about 10 percent.


Lean white chicken breast adds protein without the fat of dark meat. Adding salad greens and mixed colored vegetables provide antioxidants to help the body recover from training sessions. Similarly, olive oil and avocado provide heart-healthy fats when portioned appropriately. Putting them all together can make a delightful meal that gives you the proper nutrients you need for building your leg muscles.

Another essential food to eat is bran cereals with skim milk. Bran provides complex carbohydrates to give you energy for mobility. Bran cereals are fiber-rich foods. It contains around 5 grams of fiber in one serving, which is about 20% of the daily fiber requirement of a 2,000 calorie diet. Fiber is necessary in your bodybuilding diet as it helps in your bowel movements as well. The skim milk provides protein and can be supplemented with the addition of protein powder.

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The Parasympathetic Nervous System

Posted by on May 11, 2016

rest and digestThe autonomic nervous system (ANS) is made up of two parts, the sympathetic (SNS) and parasympathetic nervous systems (PSNS). The ANS of the body basically controls the functioning of glands and organs within the body and it does this continuously and unconsciously. In this article we will discuss the parasympathetic branch and its roles and functions. The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) takes care of “rest, digest and repair” activities, such as salivation, tears, sexual arousal, urination, digestion and defecation. These activities are complementary to those of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which activates processes associated with the “fight or flight” response. The PSNS originates from the central nervous system and exits from the upper spinal cord (medulla) as cranial nerves (oculomotor, facial, glossopharyngeal and vagus) at the level of C1 and from lower spinal nerves in the sacrum at S2-4. The first three cranial nerves mentioned control functioning associated with the face, eyes and glands but the vagus nerve (cranial nerve 10) is unique. The vagus nerve travels into the thorax and abdomen connecting to the heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract. Many researchers theorize that the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic (adjustments to misalignments of C1 and C2) are because of the anatomical relationship between C1 and the vagus nerve. Both the SNS and PSNS are essential to homeostasis (cellular balance) and proper functioning of the body. It is common for people to have imbalances in their autonomic functioning. For instance, living a busy life with a hectic schedule can lead to burn out from a chronically activated SNS. This can result in adrenal fatigue, lowered immunity and chronic disease. Similarly, the PSNSScreen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.52.45 PM can become dominant from a lack of activity and stimulation and this can lead to lowered mood, weight gain and chronic disease as well. However, for many people living in Canada with busy lives the SNS becomes overly active, leading to an imbalance. An elevation in PSNS activity is desirable on a daily basis for activities such as digestion, regeneration, sleep and more. There are ways to stimulate PSNS with lifestyle changes and also with chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments of misaligned spinal segments have been shown to affect the autonomic nervous system by helping to down-regulate the SNS and promote PNS activity. Taking time to unwind, laughter, meditation and staying away from adrenal stimulants such as caffeine are other effective ways to elevate PSNS activity and lessen the impact of the SNS. A chiropractor will conduct a thorough examination and history to determine if there is an imbalance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. An imbalance such as this could be contributing to many health problems and can be restored to balance with chiropractic adjustments and other lifestyle changes. This balancing of the autonomic nervous systems and moving towards a state of homeostasis is why many people report greater feelings of wellbeing and less need for medication and surgeries when under chiropractic care. If you have any questions about this article or chiropractic care, you can call us any time at 250-592-5553. Sincerely, Cale Read More
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